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successful steps to find a job 

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Secret #1

Be visible!

Find the groups that are about getting a job, join them and be active in those groups so people can see you, can find you.


Secret #2


Continue posting about what jobs are you looking for and comment on posts that are jobs that you want to take.


Secret #3

Get that job!

Work on these until you get an online or personal meeting with people offering a job and get that job and start it.

finding job

learn the simple steps to find work


Sign up for this email series and get one of the next steps for you to find the job you want to do to get into the work you want to do that will give you satisfaction, money, and fulfillment in your life. These are simple steps:

  • Where to look: how to not get lost and confused in the process of finding work?
  • What is the ideal job for you: how to figure out what kind of a job you should get?
  • Keys to success: what are the key points for your success not only in finding a job but in life itself?

The Secrets That I Have Used In My Life To Never Be Without Work To Always Have Jobs And To Get To Better And Better Places:

Crisis or not, economic problems or prosperous times, there are things - simple steps - one can do to not fall into poverty and get a job that one can do to help himself and his family.

There are people that while starting from being poor, from their efforts become millionaires and super successful. They all do many of the steps you will learn in this simple, free email series.

Some of those steps are...

  • ​Have a purpose: how to set and keep follow your purpose in life,
  • ​Don't give up: never give up on your goal and keep going till you get it,
  • ​Be real: don't immediately apply to be an executive, rather work your way up the ladder.

About the Host

Gabor Toth was born in 1977 in Hungary, Europe to a lower-middle-class family. After completing school as a high-power electrical technician he immediately started to work at the Hungarian National Railway company.

From that point on Gabor has made a point of always having work and don't be unemployed. In 2000 he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, and continue his carrier there. From relatively early in his carrier, he has realized that his greatest pleasure came from working together and helping other people. While he has done jobs as a cleaning assistant, volunteer, technician, logistical supervisor, IT professional, and marketing expert he always gravitated towards jobs where he could work together and help others.

Gabor has traveled across Europe and has done projects practically in every single country of Europe from Norway to Greece and Russia to Portugal. He has visited the Middle East and the US. Gabor has held over 100 lectures on communication, study, and other subjects. He has extensively studied the subject of human behavior and emotions as well interpersonal communications, marketing, and organizational technology.

In this email series, Gabor attempts to cover all these subjects with simple tips and wisdom to help people get the jobs they want.



Countries visited


Lectures held


Years of studying

What you get?

Success tips and secrets on how to be successful and find your dream job


How to find your path

You get tips and secrets about figuring out your purpose in life and how to get on the way to achieving it.


Success tips

Tried and tested tips on how to be a success in finding jobs and in life generally. These are the tricks I have used throughout the years. Learned it from super successful people and giving it to you here. You get tips and secrets about figuring out your purpose in life and how to get on the way to achieving it.


Successful CV tips

In the emails, you will learn how to stick out and be noticed when you create a CV. What company owners and executives want to see in a CV and what they do not.


This one is a secret bonus

When you become part of the email list you will get a bonus to help you to find the right job. This is a surprise and you will recognize it when you get it!

Who are you?

who do you need to be for this to work

We are all different. We come from different backgrounds and cultures. We were born in a variety of countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and the rest. We are currently in different places. These tips do not focus on one country or culture. The email tips were worked out so there is only one requirement for you to fulfill for this to work for you:

You want to learn how to become successful and put in the time and effort to get what you want. Do not look for a get-rich-quick guide - you won't find that here. If you follow the tips you can get reach by working on yourself and following the steps here.

what kind of work?




These days one of my favorite types of work is online work. Something you can do anywhere you are, anywhere you go just need internet and a laptop or even a smartphone or tablet. This is for the young, the old, and everyone in between.



For some, physical work is the one that works for them. An office or computers introvert them. There are a lot of physical work that are needed and good professionals and people with great work ethics are always looked for.



This type of work is not online - even though these days home office can be part of it - but also not out in the field or the store. It is for administrative workers, phone salesmen or executives. This is as much needed as ever will be.

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